上海市徐汇区田林路 2018 180㎡

这是一座建于上世纪90年代的建筑,位于上海市徐汇区,原为工厂宿舍。2017年年底,朴居打算把新办公室设在这里。我们思考用怎样的设计语汇为空间发声,翻阅字典寻找何为”朴居“ —— 朴:没有加工的木材,喻不加修饰;质朴、本真。居:居住的地方。朴居:本真居住的地方?
A Residence of Simplicity A former factory dormitory, this building was constructed in the 1990s, located in Xuhui District, Shanghai. At the end of 2017, PUJU Design chose to set up a new office here. In order to speak for the space with design language, we looked up the Chinese characters of “PU” and “JU” in the dictionary. PU refers to the unprocessed wood, analogous to unpretentious simplicity, and JU means residence. Should PUJU mean “a residence of simplicity”?

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  • PUJU
  • purel, Li Sai, Liu You'an
  • Mubo Decoration
磨难尽收获 /山云做幕攀岩观火/ 请引吭高歌/面迎海风/在世界之外/在时间之内/心中有光/ 无问西东。